Message to players…

I was using a yahoo group to manage contacts and file sharing for my D&D Next games. Ralph turned me on to this site and I think it is great. I’ve only added a little very basic info about D&D Next and left the default content and training videos in place. Please explore the each tab and watch the brief videos about how to use that tab (as a GM).

New D&D Next release just came out

I just got an email about the latest D&D Next playtest info. I’ll try to get something put together.

One of the things I already like about this site, is having DM private pages and private sections on each page. This allows me to work on story line, places and NPCs the players cannot see yet, then make it visible when the party reaches that point in the story…very cool. So I can start working on the next playtest session without the players seeing it.

Welcome to Ron’s D&D Next playtest!

This is more a collection of Next notes and comments than a real campaign, but I want to use Obsidian portal to track and make it easier to coordinate.

the party is on the Characters tab
house rules
xp (I could keep this private…)
take a look at this wiki.

Ronline Next Playtest

RonlineM RonlineM