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3rd level log

D&D Next 3rd level

Players created 3rd level charactes and brought them to play. Their goal was to continue the town mayor’s goal of getting a peace treaty with the monsters raiding the town.

the story…

Previously, they had learned that many of the monstrous clans would help them if the queen, a medusa, was restored to power. she was being held in the human cultists dungeon. before freeing her, they attacked the gnolls via a secret door from he temple and killed their leader and his family. the gnolls retaliated against the cultists. In the mean time, the party freed the medusa entreating her to bring peace between the clans and the town. What the party didnt know is that she was to be a sacrifice to the gods of Evil and Chaos to bring the cultists more power. Her only thought was of escape, so she turned on the party when the timing was right. Naturally, they killed her. This left the party feeling their goal was futile and unachievable! Will the party try again to restore peace or have the players had enough of this crap!

Next system notes

these are the things that stood out for me…please let me know or add Next mechanisms and impressions you liked or dis-liked.

  1. The healing cleric had an amazing amount of healing and a couple of really potent spells that decimated the gnolls. She had to stay at range and use her ranged at will spell.
  2. The protector dwarf was like a paladin and did a great job holding the undead cultists at bay while the party decimated them. However, everyone expected he’d have more healing potential than he did.
  3. The character builds seemed very restricted. For example, no way to create something that would represent a rogue sorceror. If a rogue wants to be good at trap stuff, then there is only one build that works.
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